Project Showcase

As part of YouthToSea, participants take part in Ocean Wise service projects or create their own service projects. Check out the intiatives below and learn more about all the amazing projects completed in 2020.


Ocean Service Projects: Environmental Advocacy

Click on the initiatives below to learn more about each project and the youth who created them.



Sustainable Cookbook with healthy options that reduce your carbon footprint.


Laws of Nature

Educational website exploring ocean, climate and environmental issues.

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Recycled Textiles

Turning deadstock landfill fabric into clothing for those in need.


Warming Waters

Anthology for K-3 aged children focused on rising sea levels, coastal erosion and coral bleaching.


YouthToSea Podcast

Podcast focused on ocean conservation from a youth perspective.


Clothing Swap

Giving clothes a second life and educating about 'fast fashion'.


Ocean Service Projects: Pollution

Click on the initiatives below to learn more about each project and the youth who created them.


Community Cleanup Crew

Turning advocacy into action through shoreline cleanups.

Masks: COVID19 and Waste

Design, art and convenience to curb single use masks.

Loutet Farm 2.jpg

Loutet Farm Recycling Program

Introducing a new recycling program to reduce waste.

Shoreline Cleanup Leader

Leading Shoreline Cleanups in her community.


The Sea Saviours

Sustainability programs, including upcycled DIYs and experiments.

Used Toy Drive

Diverting plastic from landfill and providing toys for those in need over the holiday season.

Toy Drive 2.jpg

Clean Coastal, Eat Local

Promoting shoreline cleanups and supporting local restaurants.


Ocean Service Projects: Community Engagement

Click on the initiatives below to learn more about each project and the youth who created them.


Care Kits

Donating care kits with sustainable hygiene options to those in need.


Food Drive

Address food insecurity from an ocean conservation lens.

Moscrop - 1.jpg

Moscrop ORCA

School Club with sustainability focus and conservation projects.

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MotMot/Find the Birds

Website and App to help consumers make more educated and sustainable choices.

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On Interaction

Using art and reflection to encourage others to think about sustainability.

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Orcas of the Pacific Northwest

Program for 8-11 year olds focused on introducing Orcas and their biology.

Youthathon 1.png


Solutions to plastic pollution introduced through a webinar.


Youth Interpreter

Volunteering at the Vancouver Aquarium in the galleries.

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Learning Journeys

A variety of outdoor excursions designed to encourage connecting with nature.



Volunteering as a camp educator at the Vancouver Aquarium.



Time spent as a camp educator at the Vancouver Aquarium