Cary Choo, Natasha Sing & Yonatan Roling

Hello everyone! Our names are Cary Choo, Natasha Sing, and Yonatan Roling. We are from Vancouver in BC, Canada.
Cary Choo is a university student from Vancouver, Canada. She got into ocean conservation work from my love for bodies of water that have taken me to learn more about the ocean and the animals that live there. She hopes to change the perception of youth into realizing the importance of the health of the oceans and to take action to make a difference.
Natasha Sing is another university student from Vancouver, Canada. Her love for the ocean and all of it’s marine life has led her to become more involved with ocean conservation efforts and hope to inspire my peers to do the same!
Yonatan Roling is a high school student from Vancouver, Canada. His love of ocean life made him want to get involved in conservation and education efforts. He wants to be able to teach youth about the importance of the ecosystems in the ocean.
We created a video submission for Sea Youth Rise Up video contest, titled Ocean Protection, outlining what plastic pollution is and what we can to help. Our submission became one of the winners of the contest and was featured on virtual Youthathon. For our one-hour session, we spoke about the harms of plastic pollution, had a plastics scavenger hunt, had a demonstration on how to make beeswax wraps, and presented different youth initiatives.
Through this Youthathon session, we were able to share our knowledge of plastic pollution virtually to a number of youths that attended through our presentation and engagement activities. In doing so, we are spreading awareness and promoting healthier oceans. distinguishing qualities. Consider adding an image for extra engagement.